Swiss Actress Géraldine Dulex: From Baar to Broadway Dreams

We are delighted to share the article published in Blick about our alumna Géraldine Dulex.

26 April 2024

The article illustrates Géraldine Dulex's journey from Baar, Switzerland, to theaters in Chicago, Miami, and Madrid showcases her passion for acting. Studying theater in the USA, she now captivates audiences at the Teatro Real in Madrid with her role in "The Passenger."

Relocating from New York with her son for the Madrid engagement, Géraldine balances her career and family life. Her love for theater began in high school in Baar, leading her to study theater in the US and establish herself in Queens.

Despite success in various productions, Géraldine's dream is Broadway. She adores New York's multicultural vibe but jokes about wishing it were closer to Europe.

With infectious passion, Géraldine Dulex inspires audiences globally, embracing new stages while pursuing her dreams.

Read the full article here: Géraldine Dulex from Zug to New York

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