Radio “M” Out of Neutral Switzerland — Not Your Grandfather’s Radio Station

At this year’s Summer Sessions, a prominent guest came to visit us with a clear mission: to help our students build an actual Montana Radio Station on the Zugerberg.

04 August 2022

Cary Harrison is a well-known award-winning radio host in LA and one of our many alumni who return back to share their experience with the younger generation. In the U.S., he interviews political figures such as Barack Obama and John Kerry (a former Montana student), who was then Secretary of State and is now the U.S. President's special envoy on climate issues.

In his workshop, the students experienced insight into the basics of the fascinating world of radio making. In a mere number of days, they had multiple news articles appear about what they were doing. This makes them “founders” of something new, and they will always be able to know that they were instrumental in its creation.

Cary says that once they practice their communication skills, they will be able to pursue the careers and passions that will give them impactful and rewarding lives. Once they get to know who and what they are, the sky is the limit for their growth and impact.

The workshop with Cary Harrison was a two-week course in Leadership and Media which will result in an ongoing working station to showcase independent young student voices without undue censorship or corporate bias in the safety of a neutral country.

“It’s a groundbreaking undertaking and this forward-thinking school will be the first to broadcast the offerings of the finest young minds assembled in one place,” Cary says. “Is it about saving the world? That is their goal,” Cary affirms. “A fresh perspective untainted by cynicism or political bent as these exceptional students rethink all the obstacles we currently face.

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