Student Feature Ava: A sailing star who aspires to be a doctor

"I aspire to become a pediatrician one day, but my initial goal is to qualify and compete in the 2028 or 2032 Olympics for sailing."

12 February 2024

Meet Ava, our 9th-grade student in the international school. She is passionate about sailing, and racing on the ocean. Her ultimate goal is to win the Olympics soon and to become a doctor someday. 

Check out our full Q&A with her:

M: What’s your name and grade?

My name is Ava and I am currently a grade 9 student in the International School.

M: Where are you originally from?

I was born in America, but I grew up in Australia, and my whole family has been Australian for generations. I have moved many times, within Australia and once in America for 2 years while growing up, all the while continuing sailing.

M: How long have you been studying at Institut Montana?

I have been a student here for a year and a half  now, as I joined in 8th grade.

M: What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is English, as it is my first language and I really enjoy reading.

M: What do you love doing? Share with us some of your accomplishments

Sailing is my passion. I train and compete at the international level in Laser 4.7 or Ilca 4 sailing competitions. I proudly represent both Switzerland and Australia in these events. Among my achievements, I’ve had the privilege of participating in the World Junior Championships in Volos (Greece) and the Europeans in Cadiz (Spain), where I contested the golden fleets at the latter event. Additionally, I clinched the second position in the Swiss Under 16 championships. Recently, I also became the female U18 Australian Champion.

M: How did you fall in love with sailing? 

I fell in love with sailing because I grew up always trying to compete and beat my brothers. Through all of our competition and bickering, I really grew to love and appreciate the sport and the freedom it gives me.

M: How do you spend your summer or winter?

During weekends in the summer, you'll find me training in Sisikon, and in the winter, I travel to warmer locations like Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia for both lake and sea training. On weekdays during term time, I stick to a rigorous physical conditioning program, preparing my body and mind for the demanding challenges of my sport.

M: How do you feel when you are racing?

I can't help but express the liberating feeling I experience while racing on the ocean. It's a sensation of leaving everything behind, with nothing to distract my attention except the pure joy of sailing. Looking ahead, my long-term goal is to compete in the Olympic Games, particularly aiming for the 2032 event in Brisbane. Competing for Australia on home water would be the ultimate dream. 

M: What is your plan after graduating from Institut Montana?

I aspire to become a pediatrician one day, but my initial goal is to qualify and compete in the 2028 or 2032 Olympics for sailing.

M: If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and how would you use it?

If I could have a superpower for a day it would be the ability to fly. I would love the liberty and adrenaline that could bring, which is coincidently why I love sailing. 


Ava appreciates all the support and wishes to express gratitude for the encouragement on her journey toward this lofty aspiration.

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