Alumni and Film director Marc Forster's interview on Schweizer Illustrierte

The interview talks about his latest triumph in Cinema: White Bird and more

02 July 2024
We are delighted to share the article about our alumni of 1990 Marc Forster, a renowned film-maker, director of James Bond: Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, and many more. The article was written and published by Schweizer Illustrierte. 

In this candid interview, Forster discusses life-changing events, his early ambition to be a director and his early life as a student in Institut Montana. Forster values friendliness over intelligence and enjoys collecting art. His nightly walks keep him fit, and he dreams of flying and living in many beautiful places.

Read the full article here: Mein Spitzname ist Snuffi.

Photo: Schweizer Illustrierte

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