Circus Magic on the Zugerberg

Project Week with an experienced educational circus company Luna

15 June 2024

During this year's project week, our students from the international and elementary schools embarked on a magical journey into the world of the circus. From June 3 to 7, the large football pitch on campus was transformed into a lively circus tent with an impressive circus ring. Circus Luna, a circus company specializing in circus projects for schools, visited our campus for the second time since 2018, providing a spectacular week full of adventure and amazement. The entire school community actively participated in the project, with staff, teachers, and students helping to set up the tent.

The students rehearsed various performances, including trampolining, acrobatics, balancing, swinging, trapeze, vertical scarf, magic, clowning, and juggling. The aim was to promote social skills among participants, as many circus acts require teamwork and mutual trust. Learning and performing new skills significantly boosted the children's self-confidence. They excelled through movement and shared experiences, delivering outstanding performances.

The intensive preparation culminated in an impressive one-hour circus performance on Friday afternoon, June 7, delighting our school community. The tent constantly buzzed with claps and cheers from the enthusiastic, amused audience. This project week will be remembered fondly by all involved and has once again highlighted the importance of shared experiences and the discovery of new skills in children's development.

The event attracted media attention.

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