Montana student sets out to be a professional football player

Armaan Kalra has a tailored study plan at Montana that should enable him to pursue his passion and fulfill his dream of becoming a professional football player. 


Studying at Montana, Lasts Forever.

Montana Club is our newly launched private networking space and it makes it very easy and fun to stay in touch and keep up with topics that matter most to us!


A proud moment in the history of our school: “Ending the War”, the book about the founder of Institut Montana and his role in ending World War II is now available on Stämpfli and Amazon

The founder of Institut Montana Zugerberg held strong beliefs in the power of education to help sustain a more peaceful world. Max Husmann was also a key player in the “Operation Sunrise” during World War II, which ultimately culminated in the first surrender of German troops in Italy in May 1945.


Renown Chinese Poet founds Poetry Society with Montana Students on Zugerberg and in Shanghai

One of the most renown Chinese Poets in Europe, Yuqin Hong (洪瑜沁), is teaching Chinese literature at our International School at Institut Montana Zugerberg. Following their passion for literature, Ms Hong and our 12th grade student Magic (骐铭created the poetry Society called “00’s Poets’ society” in December 2017.


Montana student receives scholarship at Parsons School of Design in New York – Congratulations!

We congratulate our talented International School 12th Grade Student Maria, who has been accepted for a merit Scholarship to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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