Renown Chinese Poet founds Poetry Society with Montana Students on Zugerberg and in Shanghai

One of the most renown Chinese Poets in Europe, Yuqin Hong (洪瑜沁), is teaching Chinese literature at our International School at Institut Montana Zugerberg. Following their passion for literature, Ms Hong and our 12th grade student Magic (骐铭created the poetry Society called “00’s Poets’ society” in December 2017.

21 February 2018

The Society met with unprecedented success in the Chinese poetry world. It has even been reported in the “Nouvelles D’Europe”, which is one of the most important Chinese newspapers in Europe.

The poems of a several members have already been published in various professional poetry magazines in China; and Magic’s poems are regularly published in the “Lvfeng” magazine(
绿风诗刊). On 4 February 2018, the club has been invited to the European branch of “Chinese Poetry Spring Festival” in Vienna. Joining this event is considered to be the most prestigious honor for every Mandarin poet. 



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