Guido Bissig, our Head of Music, and the Montana project "West Side Story" on the cover of “Surentaler Anzeiger”
Since a while our Head of Music at Institut Montana, Guido Bissig, prepares the program of "West Side Story". With the students of the Montana Choir and 3 local music clubs from Triengen, the concert is already receiving media attention in advance.

Adventure is Out There

In the last instalment of our three-part series (see part 1 and 2 here), we discover Geza Scholtz's motivation behind all of his expeditions.


Fighting Stress with the Danish Word “Pyt”

According to last year’s World Happiness Report, Danes were ranked as some of the happiest people in the world. But does it all come down to language? We explore this further.


4 Benefits of Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes work.


Swiss High School Graduation 2019

On Friday, 21 June 2019, our Swiss High School graduating class celebrated the successful completion of their Matura and the end of their time with us at Institut Montana.


Dentist by Day, Expeditionist by Night

In the first instalment of our 3-part series, we introduced you to Geza Scholtz, one of our alumni who is also a dentist. But he is so much more.


The Global Study is Out: The Swiss University System Ranks 3rd

According to the latest QS rankings, the university system in Switzerland has entered the top three global ranking.

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