College Counselling: A Twenty-First Century Approach

At Institut Montana Zugerberg, we pride ourselves on our alumni community and the wide range of careers they pursue. Naturally, this starts to take shape with the help of our college counsellor during their high school years.

23 April 2019
With thousands of options around the world, the decision about what to study and where can be a daunting one as it takes a lot of planning and research to find the right fit. College counsellors play a huge role in assisting high school students to select the most appropriate courses and universities which chime with their individual interests and aspirations. They offer guidance about specific entry requirements, write letters of recommendation, give advice about how to produce the strongest possible application and, through an extensive network of admissions representatives, lobby hard on behalf of students interested in their institutions. At Institut Montana Montana Zugerberg, we are taking college counselling to the next level with the help of Unifrog, an online college counselling platform designed to allow students to explore colleges and universities around the world.

This is done by:

- Helping students choose the most appropriate courses while at school for their desired future pathways
- Enabling them to build a personal profile to use for university applications
- Providing guidance on suitable university options through an extensive database and taking a wide range of personal preferences into account
For example, if a student expresses an interest in studying biology at university, Unifrog’s subject library and keyword search facility will identify a wide range of possible courses relating to the broad subject area and propose new ones about which the student may not previously have been aware. Still on the Uniform platform, they would then be able to locate TED Talks and student testimonials relating to biology to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and ultimately decide if that is the right option for them. There is also a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) search feature which allows students to undertake additional online courses in their spare time; in addition to a multitude of other factors, showcasing such commitment and enthusiasm is essential to demonstrate to universities that a student has a genuine passion for the subject and this can result in a competitive edge over others in an increasingly crowded application field.
Of this new and exciting development, our college counsellor, Mr. David Jorgensen, says, “Although nothing can replace the sine qua non of regular, one-to-one meetings between the student and college counsellor, Unifrog enables students to be more active participants in their own educational odyssey. The online platform contains boundless resources for students to start planning their own future pathways and, in this sense, encourages them to become effective independent learners which is a crucial ingredient for success at university level.”

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