World Environment Day 2022

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5th 2022, people all over the world were promoting environmental awareness in society. Institut Montana is also committed to this. The school has been using CO2-neutral heating since 2015, with wood from Zug's local mountain. Also, during Environment Week, pupils explored local fauna, food and paper recycling.

20 June 2022
Institut Montana heats with locally available resources: a CO2-neutral woodchip heating system operated by the Zug Corporation has been providing heat for the entire school grounds since 2015. The residual wood comes from the forest stands of the Zugerberg and grows right outside the door, so to speak. The electricity for the woodchip heating comes from a photovoltaic system, which in turn feeds surplus electricity directly into the power circuit of the Zug waterworks.
The themes of "environment" and "sustainability" are strongly anchored in the DNA of Institut Montana. This is evident time and again in school lessons. The International School hosted an Environment week during the first week of June with the focus on local fauna, food and paper recycling, among other things. For example, pupils had to find ten native and ten invasive alien plant species on the Zugerberg as part of a scavenger hunt or make their own paper. During an interactive food tasting they also learned about alternatives to animal products.
In autumn, Institut Montana will once again host the MUN conference with students taking on the roles of diplomats from 28th-30th October. This year's theme is "Going beyond SDG7 - sustainable energy". In addition to Swiss schools, schools from Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Greece are expected to attend.

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