Environmental Awareness Week

During the first week of May 11th graders of the International School at Institut Montana organized an Environmental Awareness Week for their CAS project (Creativity, Activity, Service).

11 May 2021

The goal was to raise awareness among the other students of the environmental issues on our planet and to teach our community how to reduce the individual impact we all have on the environment.

During this week the CAS students taught grades 6,7 and 8 how to calculate their own carbon footprint. Most of the students were surprised to find out how big the carbon footprint is and were glad to receive precise instructions on how to reduce it.

Some of the other activities during the environmental week included trash collection on the hiking trails of Zugerberg, seed planting on campus, a few presentations on environment issues for grades 7 and 8, a movie night with “Life on our Planet” by David Attenborough.

The students have also organized a sustainable eating day with the help of our kitchen when only vegetarian food was served during the whole day.

On Wednesday the school got dressed in green, in order to support the initiative of the students.

Doughnut sale during the cocoa break was another important initiative, which our students organized to donate the funds to Stiftung Umwelteinsatz, a Swiss organization, which was founded to protect Swiss nature and take care of it.

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