New Intercultural Committee at Institut Montana

Recognising and celebrating diversity

12 October 2021

We have always valued our international community here at Institut Montana. It is part of our identity as a school. Founded in 1926 with the aim of teaching young people to understand and to value cultural diversity and inclusivity, our Founder Max Husmann showed great foresight. His ideas were radical at the time but almost 100 years later, these values are at the forefront due to global health, economic and environmental challenges. We live in a world where more than ever it is necessary to work together, overcoming differences and national boundaries, pre-conceived ideas and personal biases we may not be aware of. 

The new Intercultural Committee, initiated by our teacher Hina Agarwalla, aims to engage our multicultural community to foster intercultural awareness and to develop an understanding of a range of complex topics ranging from acknowledging and appreciating cultural diversity, to raising awareness about racism, discrimination in its various forms and to question our biases. 
They will challenge and inspire us all through a focus on visible culture (music, food, language), invisible culture (values and beliefs) and most importantly recognise common values of humanity that we share as a human race. There is a wide range of exciting initiatives planned including cultural events, awareness raising poster campaigns, open discussion forums and in-class conversations which would give us an opportunity to discover multiple aspects of our complex beings and what makes us unique. 
The aims of the Intercultural Committee reflect the values we have always upheld. However, their work will dedicate energy and effort to making explicit the values we implicitly believe in and to work collaboratively to develop a more culturally and racially literate community that supports our claim to be a truly international school, educating the global citizens of tomorrow. 

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