Excursions and Activities at Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions

With our summer sessions coming up this July and August, some of the warmest months that Switzerland experiences, plenty of excursions and activities are on the table for our students to enjoy.


Language Learning at Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions

Students aged 10-15 will be joining us this summer for our annual summer sessions. Part of our summer camp involves intensive mornings during the weekdays to improve on their English or German – depending on the students’ preference.


Food and Safety at Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions

This summer, 10 to 15-year-olds from all parts of the world will be coming to our campus to partake in our yearly summer sessions. One of the sides to a summer camp that is often not mentioned and yet so crucial, is the food and safety aspects that the students receive.


Boarding Life at Institut Montana Zugerberg’s Summer Sessions

Our annual summer sessions for students aged 10 to 15 will take place once again. While we break up the sessions in either 2- or 4-week periods, we also give students the option of being day or boarding students – just like during our academic school year.


Open Day 2019

On 23 March 2019, Institut Montana held its fourth annual Open Day to prospective families and guests. The day was blessed with an unusually warm and sunny day for the month March, which meant a variety of additional activities were put on the table.


College Counselling: A Twenty-First Century Approach

At Institut Montana Zugerberg, we pride ourselves on our alumni community and the wide range of careers they pursue. Naturally, this starts to take shape with the help of our college counsellor during their high school years.


Vernissage – A Bizarre Work Exhibition

One of the many extracurricular activities that Institut Montana Zugerberg students partake in is drama and most recently, our students participated in a vernissage to showcase to family and friends.

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